Tracing a Previous Tennant

Tracing service is used to try to find an individual by using his or her public records. You might need to contact them to pass an important message. As an estate agent, you will need to utilize this service more often because you may need to trace people to either pay their overdue bills or who are in violation of some rules. Locating people is an important part of your job as an estate agent because of several inevitable reasons. 

To find contact information of a neighboring property owner.

tracing people is essential, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a property close to someone. In the event you have identified a property in a particular place that you wish to buy, then it will be beneficial if you try to contact the neighbours so that you can find out how you can get that property. Neighbours are the best option because they have lived within the estate for a while; therefore, they might have information that the owner might not willingly provide. It can also be practical if the neighbour wishes to purchase your property, you will be able to find out more information on how you can contact them, like email, phone number, or the address.

Extra information about tracing people

To inform tenants when their bills are overdue.

As an estate agent, you must check if your tenants are on time in paying their bills to avoid situations where they will leave them piled up. If a tenant moves out of your property and leaves a big statement, you will have to spend extra to pay up what was left before a new tenant can move in. Therefore using this service, you will be able to notify them of their long past bills and even follow up to have them paid.

To reach out to your tenant's relatives in case of an accident.

In the event you discover that an accident occurred in your building and one of your tenants got seriously injured, and he or she happens to live alone, you will need a way to contact their loved ones to report the incident. This information can be accessed in the next of kin section, where a tenant is required to provide an emergency contact.

To find potential sellers with distressed properties. 

Distressed properties might be left abandoned by the owners sometimes or just set aside to be sold much later. An interested buyer can use the tracking service to get information on the owner of the building in order for them to provide a deal. The interested party will have to provide an attractive deal in order to convince the owner to sell to them. 

tracing services are not only used in real estate but also by the security department to find criminals who have escaped. In the event an escapee is hiding in a property and has been noticed by the neighbours, they can use this information to get through to the owner of the building and notify them on the presence of an intruder or just contact the authorities.